Services provided with the IPP

Group savings and retirement

A smart solution for business owners that allows for more tax-sheltered savings than an RRSP.

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Tax-deductible fees

All fees charged for the IPP are entirely tax-deductible. These fees cover the following services:

  • Implementation of the plan and monitoring of your case file by a qualified advisor
  • Preparation and drafting of the plan text
  • Registration of the plan with the Canada Revenue Agency and relevant provincial authorities, where applicable
  • Any requisite changes to the plan in the event of changes in legislation
  • Initial actuarial valuation for the plan and subsequent actuarial valuations (generally every three years) to determine the amount of contributions and ensure the plan is adequately funded
  • Any requisite valuation in the event of a past service buyback
  • Annual information returns
  • All required annual regulatory filings
  • Plan member’s annual statement
  • Valuation of termination of employment, death and pension benefits
  • Data retention for plan administration
  • Annual pension adjustment (PA) calculation
  • Daily report on your investment fund returns
  • Transmission of our various publications: Monthly Update, Quarterly Update and annual report on investment funds
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